The Relevance of Pink October

Pink October is an activity synonymous with various organisations. The purpose of Pink October is to raise awareness about breast cancer in both females and also males. Many companies engage in different initiatives to promote this month and collect donations to aid voluntary organisations in assisting people who have to go through the trauma of breast cancer.

Several companies organise staff-related events and initiatives, together with providing donations to aid in this worthy cause. In this article, we will discuss some of the initiatives your company can undertake to promote Pink October.

Employees wearing pink

To promote this activity, companies normally organise a day where all employees come to the office wearing pink. It is also customary to take photos of this and have them uploaded on social media, to show that the company is supporting this initiative. Apart from the fact that the company would be supporting such an important yearly campaign/activity, it would also showcase its commitment to the wellbeing of society.

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Employee and company donations

Companies may also order Pink October merchandise, which can be sold to employees and the money collected may be donated to charity. Together with these efforts, the company itself may also release a donation of its own, therefore encouraging its employees to donate more.

Pink October branding

To further support and promote this cause, several companies may prepare artwork including their logo with a pink ribbon or background. This is quite commonplace during the month of October.

Normal Logo:

October Logo:

November Logo:

Cakes and sweets

Employees may also organise a sweet treats day, in support of Pink October. This would allow employees to show off their baking skills and prepare treats for all their colleagues. Each slice will cost at a small price and the proceeds collected may then be donated to charity.

Such awareness is of vital importance. To start off, breast cancer is the most common type in Malta. Most of the women diagnosed are over fifty, but younger age groups are also at risk. The seriousness of breast cancer may be appreciated by the fact that one in every eight women are diagnosed with this malady in their life. With that said, there is a good chance of recovery if this is detected in the early stages. In this regard, it is essential, that women perform check-ups on a regular basis.

Men may also be diagnosed with breast cancer, however, cases are rare.

What is your view of Pink October? How can we raise more awareness? Did you get screened this year? Let us know in the comments section.

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