Struggles of an Introvert

Introverts have been getting a lot of attention these past years. They may not like it, but they do get this unwanted attention. Introverts suffer from struggles which extroverts would not fathom to understand. They suffer from social anxieties, tension during parties and human interaction. They avoid communication at all costs.

This is something extroverts do not understand, especially when considering that they gain their energy from social gatherings and interactions. The fact that so many people do not understand what introverts go through makes it even worse. In this article, we will discuss some of the struggles that introverts encounter.

Awkwardness during a party or social gathering

So you are an introvert and actually managed to muster the effort of going to a party or social gathering. As your stomach turns, knowing that you will meet a lot of people you do not want to, you arrive on time. To your horror, you notice that your friends or acquaintances have not yet arrived to the party. Introverts would then need to mingle and chat with people they never met, which becomes immensely uncomfortable.

Dealing with supermarket clerks

Introverts would tend to prefer self-check-outs at supermarkets. Having to liaise with a supermarket clerk can be tricky for introverts at times, especially if there was a mistake in the bill, impacting him negatively. An introvert would find it difficult to ask for money which was incorrectly charged.

Interactions with salespeople

Introverts also endure a bad time when salespeople try to force something down their throats. The struggle to communicate back and express lack of interest becomes too challenging for introverts. This is precisely the reason why they are lured into certain conversations they would rather opt out of.

Struggling with texting

Whilst messaging and SMS’s are tools that the introvert appreciates, they can also be exhausting. Introverts may find even sending a simple message as daunting.  This is more so the case when they have been communicating with other people throughout the day.

Dealing with extroverts

Introverts find it hard to communicate, liaise and build relationships with extroverts. This becomes all the more complicated when such people are close. Imagine having to dump someone simply because of being an extrovert.

Limited capacity to complain even when right

Since introverts try to avoid communication, they find it difficult to make complaints even when they should.

Party/social gathering hangover

Following significant efforts to communicate with strangers at a party or social gathering, the introvert then looks forward to the recovery process, where communication is ceased.

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