The Reality of Owning an SUV

At some point in life, everyone considers buying an SUV. They are acquired by different people, including both genders, business people and in some cases younger ones who are still in their twenties and thirties. Ever wondered why people buy SUV’s? Why opt for one instead of a fast sports car? In this article, we will discuss the realities of owning an SUV. So, before you buy one, read this article, then decide!


The sights of SUV’s are tremendous. Driving an SUV gives the impression of stature, high position and power. Driving a luxurious SUV will immediately communicate elegance and higher class due to the larger size and distinctiveness when compared to the other medium-sized cars. This is also accompanied by the fact that an SUV is safer, considering the larger size which makes it less prone to damage.


When compared to other cars, SUV’s are normally built on stronger car chassis, which are less sturdier and much stronger. This allows SUV’s to have superior hauling and pulling capacity. Well, this is the perception at least.

More passengers and space

When compared to sports and smaller sized cars, SUV’s allow you more seating capacity and space, making them ideal for family trips. Would you imagine carrying a grill for a BBQ in a sports car? I don’t think so.

One of a kind ride and comfort

Most will tell you that the ride offered by an SUV differs significantly from that of a sports car. One of the common complaints of sports cars is the back pain considering that to get in you need to bend downwards. This is definitely not the case for an SUV, which offers convenience when you enter.

Ideal for different weather

Another benefit of an SUV is that you can drive it in tough weather conditions, without worrying that your car will cease. With certain cars which have their engines closer to the ground, you always feel tensed during stormy weather, that it might cease and you may need to call for help.

As you can see, there are several advantages of owning an SUV. With that said, there are some disadvantages which we will discuss below.


When compared to smaller cars, SUV’s are much more difficult to park in confined spaces. This means that you have no guarantee of parking even if you encounter empty spaces. You will most likely have to make use of a car park, where you pay for the ticket, more frequently than someone who owns a medium sized car.

Manoeuvring in traffic

When stuck in traffic, you are likely to have less opportunities where you can pass through tight spaces and overtake. This will make the traffic experience more frustrating.

Ready to buy an SUV now?

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