Struggles of a Single Mother

As time progresses, society has moved towards alternative families, not necessarily subscribing to the traditional one. Over the past years, it has become regular to encounter single mothers who will need to raise children on their own, without the support of a father. Without delving into any arguments as to how such parents ended up in this position in the first place, in this article we will discuss the struggles of a single mother.

Lack of support

In most households, where two parents may contribute, roles and responsibilities may be split, relieving the burden from each party. With single mothers, it is harder as they have to handle everything within the household such as grocery shopping, cleaning and child upbringing, amongst many others.


It is not the first time that a single mother suffers because she is not given funds to support her in the upbringing of the child and daily expenses. This could be due to several reasons, for one the father may not be willing to be involved in his own child’s life, to avoid responsibility. Another reason may be that there would be no formal agreement with the mother and father of the child, hence monthly payment is not agreed upon via a signed document. This allows several loopholes for abuse and to avoid taking responsibility.

Personal growth

Considering that a single mother may be too engaged with all the responsibilities, without any support from the father, it would be more difficult to find time to invest in personal and career growth, such as reading for additional diplomas or degrees. This makes it more complicated to get a better career which will support her and the child better.


It is commonplace to hear that single mothers, due to limited income and commitments, find it difficult to buy or rent property. With property prices constantly increasing and salaries remaining fairly stagnated across certain industries, it can become quite difficult for a household with just one salary, with already existing child commitments, to keep up.

School fees

Other struggles a single mother could face are those in relation to school fees. Such include the purchasing of uniforms, books and other events which may be organised by the school. This brings about significant pressures as no parent would want their children to be labelled as inferior to others.

Parents’ Day

Single mothers may also feel the lack of support during parents’ days. It might prove more difficult for one parent on her own to action feedback provided by teachers.

Do you think there are more struggles experienced by single mothers? Let us know in the comments section.

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