Shame Directed at Former PN Treasurer. Was it Deserved?

In the past couple of days, the former PN Treasurer Antoine Zammit was met with a wave of public ridicule and criticism, following his own upload of a video broadcasting himself complaining about the restrictions on adult channels via IPTV. As one would imagine, the former Treasurer has shot himself in the foot, as he was mocked all over social media, as this news story was reported by several reporters. Following this upheaval, Antoine Zammit resigned. No surprise there, right?

The footage captured Antoine Zammit, in what appeared to be a workshop, complaining to a supplier of IPTV, that certain adult channels were blocked. As one would expect, this footage was mocked and shared all over Facebook, diminishing this man’s reputation within less than a week. In addition, this brings about another hit to the reputation of the Nationalist party as its Treasurer was caught in this ridiculous controversy.

His resignation was announced via a short statement, following the news broadcast on One television. The Nationalist party stated that it had accepted Antoine Zammit’s resignation, referring to the episode which took place a few hours earlier. Most would argue that anyone within a professional capacity would resign or be terminated from their employment since they would no longer be taken seriously. Such an episode would definitely dampen anyone’s credibility!

In the video broadcast, he can be heard complaining and asking the supplier to send a code via email.

The former PN Treasurer owns a computer shop in Qormi, which apparently fixes such devices. It is referred to as the Mater Dei of Computers.

Apart from the embarrassment that this video was broadcast for an entire country to see, there is also the fact that Antoine Zammit was engaging in illegality because IPTV is an illegal means of television streaming. Although it is steadily becoming a more attractive and popular option, it relies on cracked codes to be able to stream certain channels illegally.

This is not the first time that the former Treasurer was ridiculed, as a few days ago he enquired on Facebook to get some advice on “bankink” for the Nationalist party, presumably “banking” was the term he needed to use. Apart from the obvious error in spelling, this is an enquiry which should be directed to a professional, not your Facebook friends.

His tenure as Nationalist party Treasurer did not last long, as he was appointed in August.

Does Antoine Zammit deserve all this criticism and ridicule? Let us know in the comments section.

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