DELTA Summit 2019

The DELTA Summit 2019 served as proof that Malta is taking a leading stance on blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). Malta is once again placing itself in a key strategic position, as a central hub for emerging global technology.

The Summit proved itself as the ideal platform for the showcasing of pioneering initiatives in the blockchain and DLT spheres. This is once again a strong signal that Malta embraces disruptive technology and is adamant in the development of this sector. The Summit took place between the second and fourth of October and brought with it reputable individuals and organisations in technology, business and blockchain.

It is with the initiative and support of such events that Malta will continue to cement its status as the blockchain island. The overall message of the DELTA Summit is that Malta will continue to invest in artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IOT), Esports and game development.

Just around over a year ago, Malta embarked on a journey to become the blockchain island and today enjoys its status as one of the leading countries spearheading this technological revolution. Maltais today more equipped to face the challenges and stumbling blocks to this evolving industry.

The DELTA Summit has allowed for the discussions on visionary and futuristic ideas where different parties came together to form a cohesive whole. Last year’s first Summit brought about five thousand participants, and over ten thousand attended this year.

The founder of the DELTA Summit kick-started proceedings by presenting drones which obeyed orders made by hand gestures. An intriguing show for all those present!

Amongst the participants in this DELTA Summit, there were a lot of representatives from banks dealing with cryptocurrencies, trading apps, blockchain consultancy firms and several foreign companies.

A number of discussions revolving around interesting themes took place. Such included innovation, risk taking, security, crypto payments, Esports, 5G and blockchain.

The large-scale event was also endorsed by Dr Joseph Muscat, who delivered a speech of optimism.

The potential of artificial intelligence and blockchain is one which will heavily influence our daily lives and the way we work. This was made clear by the number of high-profile speakers during this event.

A lot of efforts are currently being undertaken even by government to integrate technology into our daily lives. One such effort is the integration of robotics in the tourism industry. The Tourism Ministry is currently exploring the option of having a robot to guide tourists through Valletta.

What is your view on the development of this technology and artificial intelligence in Malta? Is it too much of a futuristic concept or an element which is just at our back-door for the taking?

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