4 Problems of every University Student

University years will probably be remembered as some of the best in one’s life. University offers the opportunity for one to read for several degrees, in a bid to become a specialist in certain fields. In this article, we discuss some of the problems, every University student goes through. Enjoy!

Choosing your field of study

This decision is normally taken before you start studying and is one of the most important. It will determine what you will be specialising in the following three or four years and will most likely define your job prospects. This decision requires careful planning and consideration. Several students end up not pursuing their course, wasting years, without seeing their programme through, since it may be something they are not good at and do not enjoy. Some might end up enrolling for another course, and others would abandon university altogether and seek full-time employment.

Thesis title

Another phase in the course process is the selection of the dissertation study. A lot of research is required here as there are no second chances to change titles or the theme once you start. Apart from selecting the subject theme, and ensuring that there are enough sources of information to compile your thesis, you need to determine which research method you will apply. Will you be going for surveys or interviews? Both methods have their own difficulties, however you will need to take this decision and determine which fits best with your research study.


At University, together with the regular reports and assignments, students will need to prepare for two sets of examinations, during mid-year and end of year. Any exam which one fails will need to be repeated as a re-sit, unless it is a compensable elective. Exams will require extensive preparation and studying, especially if one is aiming for a good final ranking on his degree. Such a final ranking will determine whether one can go for a more advanced degree, such as a Masters.


One big headache as time progresses and final year beckons. In one’s final year, most degrees will require students to sit for final exams which will test you on all the material studied throughout the previous years. A daunting task in itself, considering you will need to go through different material of years gone by.

Still heading to university? Don’t be discouraged. It will most probably remind you of some of the best years in your life. You will look back at the time fondly with many memories, experiences and friends.

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