Red Wine vs White Wine

A good bottle of wine is a beautiful addition to any meal. A delicious steak is most definitely not complete without a decent bottle of red wine. The same can be said for a nice fish dish which goes hand in hand with a chilled bottle of white wine. Whilst you will always have those who opt for one type of wine versus the other, in this article, we will discuss some differences between red and white wine.

Different grapes

Red wines are made with red grapes, whilst white wines are made with, you guessed it, white grapes. One interesting fact that you probably never heard about is that all wines you would find in the market were made from one specific type of grape referred to as Vitis vinifera. It is believed that these first grapes were black, typically associated with red wine and that a natural mutation led to white grapes.

Different parts of the grape are used for both red and white wine

The standard process of winemaking is to collect the grapes and visit the cellar. Both red and white wines are made via different methods. Red wines are fermented with the grape skins and seeds whilst white wine is not. The reason for this is due to the fact that the colour of red wine is made from the skins and seeds of grapes.

In certain rare cases, however, white wine is fermented with skins and seeds. Those wines which are concocted with this approach are known as orange wines, having similar tastes to red wines and have tannin. This is still quite a rare process, however, the taste is quite distinctive.

Different winemaking approaches

One of the main differentiation elements between red and white wine is the oxidation process. This refers to the process that allows the wine to lose its floral and fruit notes in exchange for rich, nutty flavours and more smoothness.

For exposure to more oxygen, winemakers utilise oak barrels as they allow wines to consume more oxygen. If, on the other hand, winemakers would want to reduce oxygen exposure, they would use stainless steel tanks, so that they retain fruitiness and flower flavours.

So naturally, one would ask the question, which wine is better for you? Since the health-related benefits of wine are associated with the skins and seeds of the grapes, one may conclude that red wine is the healthier option. With that said, not all red wines are concocted in the same way!

So what’s your preference?

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