How to Outsmart a Burglar

Being robbed is one of the worst traumas one can endure. Whether a burglar invades your home whilst you are there, or when you are out, it is enough to leave you insecure for the rest of your life. A burgled home can easily lead to turmoil in life as one’s personal objects of value are stolen. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks of how you can outsmart a burglar and perhaps avoid the entire tragedy.

Install an alarm

Many houses in Malta are not equipped with an alarm. Setting one up will make you stand out as more difficult to rob and a potential robber is likely to steer away from attempting to barge in a well-secured home.

Keep your doors and windows locked

One of the most obvious, yet frequently overlooked. Many people leave windows open when they go out, with no thought of the potential consequences. Things should not be made easier to any potential robbers and this is the first rule of thumb.

Invest in a strong lock and door

Some might not be too inclined at investing a lot in home furnishings. With that said, you should spare no expense when setting up your door and lock. Avoid any type of set-up where one can barge in via a good kick or two to the door.

Keep your radio on when you are out

One sleek trick to give the impression that there are people at home is by leaving your radio on whilst you are out. Someone who entered a residence and hears voices is likely to freak out and go back from whence he came.

Keep your property well-lit

Burglars would appreciate a concealed scenario if they were to rob a place. Having lighting set up in the external facade would discourage any potential break-in attempt since light attracts attention.

Avoid social media activity when abroad

Mr. Sir has just checked in to La Vallette VIP lounge, travelling to London. PFF.

It has become the trend to bombard Facebook and Instagram with updates whenever one goes abroad. Although it may be satisfying to show others that you are enjoying yourself, it is also a gateway to let anyone know, including a potential robber, that your house is an easy target for a burglary. Think twice before posting, or else restrict certain social media posts to your friends only.

Invest in a security camera

An additional feature to accompany the alarm is a security camera. Anyone trying to come in through the front door will be recorded by your security camera, which serves to identify any culprit.

Conceal your valuables

As an extra precaution, it would be ideal to leave your most valuable items concealed in areas where burglars in a hurry won’t look.

Any other tips to combat burglary? Let us know in the comments section.

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