Conquer Eczema this Winter

Do you suffer from eczema? Does the slowly approaching winter put you in the dumps because of it? The cold, together with the heating in your house and warm clothing can lead to a perfect cocktail for eczema to thrive. In this article, we discuss some tips on how it can be managed.


When one has eczema, the skin is usually dry, a place where bacteria can thrive. In this respect, it is important to moisturise the skin to keep it well hydrated and minimise bacteria, hence infections. Having the skin moisturised helps to prevent allergens and triggers, reducing the chances of itchiness and redness.

To combat eczema, thick ointments are more ideal than those highly concentrated with water. Since water evaporates quickly, they become less effective. When compared, ointment is better than cream, since the latter may contain preservatives which are harder on the skin and can easily irritate the eczema area. Ideally, you should apply the moisture just after having a shower when the skin is damp. Bath times should be kept at a minimum. You shouldn’t spend more than ten minutes as you would risk dehydrating the skin. Also, excessively hot water may create itchy skin.

One of the most common triggers of eczema is heat. A combination of elements which increase heat may contribute to eczema. This may be common in children who are heavily dressed by their parents. When dealing with young children and eczema, always monitor the layers of clothes, room temperature and bedding quilts.

What to do once triggered?

Eczema needs to be treated quickly. Treating it immediately allows reducing stress, inconvenience, trouble sleeping and other risks of infections. If the situation seems severe, it would be best to contact your doctor.

Adopt a skincare routine

Do not take eczema for granted. Maintain an appropriate skincare routine, even if eczema seems totally cured. Basic routines should include bathing daily with the application of moisturiser as soon as you leave the shower. Obviously, you will need to experiment through some different products to determine which work best. Once you find the products which correspond best with you, it will be easier to manage any flare-ups.

If you are concerned about eczema or any of its related consequences, it is best to seek the advice of an expert. Have you ever suffered from it? Are there any tips you can share? Let us know in the comments section.

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