Malta. A Safe Country. Is it?

One of Malta’s unique selling propositions is that it is a safe country. Many come to Malta due to the impression that life will be better and they would be able to raise a family in a safe environment. The country’s size contributes to this and since it is also densely populated, most areas consist of a lot of people in various times of the day.

With that said, there have been some recent cases which put Malta’s status as a safe country in doubt. Many blame the excessive amounts of people coming in to the country and the mix of different cultures, which does not always bring about the desirable outcomes. There are other reasons why Malta’s perception of safety may be negatively impacted. In this article, we discuss some of these reasons.

Murder cases

Malta has been plagued with high profile murder cases. This undoubtedly creates a sense of insecurity throughout the nation. One such case which has not been solved till this very day is the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, who was a controversial journalist who voiced avant-garde opinions. Her death left a void in the country and many attribute this attack as a hit on democracy and freedom of speech. The manner of her death was also brutal as a bomb was placed in her car and detonated whilst she was driving.

Another murder case which happened right in the center of Malta, in St Julian’s is the brutal murder of entrepreneur Hugo Chetcuti. As he was in the middle of a new establishment launch, he was stabbed with a knife, leading to his untimely death, a few days later. Irrespective of his controversiality as a character, nobody deserves to meet such a tragic fate. Considering the fact, that this man was murdered by a foreigner, many started to question the quality of people coming in to Malta.

Another case was the point-blank murder of an illegal immigrant via a gunshot. It is believed that the sole purpose of this murder was due to racial hatred. All these cases put Malta’s perception of safety in doubt.

Illegal immigration

Every summer we hear about the illegal immigration issue, which has been around for a good number of years. Many people ask questions pertaining to the safety of our country, especially when considering that most illegal immigrants are coming from third world countries where crime rates are higher.

Suspicious people coming to Malta

Over the years, we have heard several hearsay opinions that high profile criminals come to Malta to retire or else to hide. This is coupled with reports that some are buying Malta’s passport to keep a low profile of illicit and illegal activity, which in turn raises safety concerns. A report just a few weeks ago made reference to an ISIS member residing in Malta. Truly shocking.

What is your view of safety in Malta?

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