Is Malta loosing in the Race For Tourism?

Tourism remains an important component of the Maltese economy. Every summer, the country is swarmed by tourists who visit the Maltese islands during these peak months. Who can blame them? Malta is an amazing country with lots to see and enjoy. Although Malta has long been a leader in the tourism sphere, there are other countries competing well. In this article, we discuss some of the countries who are competing for Malta’s tourists.


Tunisia is an exciting destination with several sandy beaches and ancient ruins. Consisting of some of the most beautiful elements of North Africa, it is also well-positioned due to its proximity to Europe. Considering that it has over a thousand kilometers of beaches, it is easy to see why it stands to compete against Malta. This without mentioning the exceptional weather and sunny days. It is also equipped with towns boasting historic charm and character. One of the most adventurous things you can do in Tunisia is to travel the Sahara Desert. One of the reasons why Tunisia lost a bit of popularity over the past few years is due to a terrorist attack which shook its tourism industry. Now it seems that it is recovering from that ordeal and only time will tell whether it will serve as strong competition for Malta.


Another potential competitor for Malta. The region consists of Bergamo, Brescia, Como, Cremona, Lecco, Lodi, Mantua, Milan (regional capital), Monza and Brianza, Pavia, Sondrio and Varese. Visiting the lake of Como is an experience in itself and if you want to spend some days of shopping you can also visit the area of the majestic Duomo in Milan.


Egypt has a certain sense of mystery tied to it. You need to visit the place of the ancient pharaohs and pyramids at least once. With all the mystery surrounding their ways of life and the way these pyramids were built, it is no wonder why tourists are opting for a trip to Egypt.


Jordan was renowned for years of instability in terms of tourism. This has most definitely changed, especially when considering that it is anticipated to host seven million tourists in 2020. So, what is enticing about Jordan? For one, there are crusader castles to feast your eyes on. One of the most popular is Shobak. Ever wanted to ride a camel? You can easily do so in Jordan! Whilst you are there, you should definitely indulge in Mensaf, a dish consisting of lamb, yoghurt and rice. If you do end up enjoying Jordanian cuisine so much, learn more by visiting Petra’s kitchen to become a pro.


Although their economy saw quite some bumps over the past few years, its tourism still thrived. Many tourists visit the Greek islands such as Santorini, one of the most popular for sun, sea and tranquillity. Perhaps you are interested in old architecture? Visiting Rhodes will definitely appease your tastes. It is also ideal since you can explore some less expensive options, hence serving as strong competition.


Cyprus, one of Malta’s main tourism competitors, it is one of the top travel destinations. It hosts around two million tourists per year. One of the main reasons tourism is strong in Cyprus is due to the hospitality of the people who are amongst the world’s friendliest. The sunny weather and beaches are also added pluses, thus being in direct competition with Malta. In combination with this is the fact that Cyprus has its own culture and history elements which are of interest, together with delicious cuisine.

Any more tourism competitors for Malta? Let us know in the comments section.

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