Does Malta Needs an exorcism?

It was recently reported on the news that a catholic priest, Father David Muscat, heavily criticized the strategy Malta is taking, going so far as stating that the country requires an exorcism. The priest is also associated with Far Right party, Imperium Europa, which indeed is quite a surprise considering that it was accused of racism and the incitement of hatred on multiple counts.

Father David Muscat made reference to the fact that the country’s leadership is solely driven by money and this unsustainable growth is creating new cases of poverty. One of his arguments is that people cannot afford to buy their own property and are ending up living in the home of their parents, indicating that Malta’s economy is in fact one of smoke.

The priest has heavily criticized Malta’s economy which is growing by the large influx of foreigners coming to Malta, increasing the cost of living and making it difficult for those who find it hard to keep up. He also made reference to Malta’s tax framework, which favors foreigners setting up companies in Malta and pay less tax. He stated that the system goes against Catholicism and that Malta has sold its soul for money.

Father David Muscat criticized the choice of Dr Abdalla Kablan as one of the speakers during Victory Day. By way of background, Dr Abdalla Kablan is the CEO of the Malta Delta Summit and one of Malta’s leading fintech experts. Father David Muscat took it against his ancestors who bombed the Maltese during the Great Siege and associated him with a symbol of money that the country has now come to worship.

His comments were not well-received by MEP, Roberta Metsola, who said that his collar and rosary beads will not manage to conceal his true agenda, that of being associated with Imperium Europa. She referred to his views as “putrid” and are by no means a reflection of Maltese society.

He went on to criticize the leading figures of the Maltese population who clapped at his address. The priest caused quite a controversy that even the Archbishop disassociated himself from his comments and his relationship with Imperium Europa. The priest, in turn, denied that he was speaking on behalf of the political party and said that these comments stemmed from his own belief.

With that said, the priest criticized those who speak against dark-skinned people, emphasizing that it is not illegal immigration that is in fact ruining Malta.

What are your views on these statements? Let us know in the comments section.

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