Choose Tea Over Coffee

In every office, you will find either coffee or tea drinkers. Whilst coffee seems to be the most popular alternative, especially in offices and business meetings, in this article we will discuss some of the benefits that tea has over coffee.


Tea is better to hydrate your body and improve your fluid intake. If you are unsure between tea or coffee in a hot summer day, the former is a better alternative to replace the fluids you lost due to sweating. Its hydration components mean that it is also beneficial for your skin.

Tea is better for energy levels

Common perception tends to dictate that coffee is much better for energy levels due to caffeine. Tea does contain the same levels of caffeine, and coffee will serve to drop your energy levels. This means that the caffeine high brought about by coffee will last less than that of tea. So if you are looking for something to keep you going on through the day, tea is the better option.

More antioxidants

Tea has more antioxidants than coffee. This is healthier for the body and allows you to feel better.

Better for teeth and bones

Coffee is responsible for teeth discoloration. With tea, this is not the case. Also, research in Australia found that people who drank tea regularly had stronger bones and were less at risk to develop osteoporosis. Another study found that consuming tea is beneficial for enhanced bone formation.

Reduces stress

Although coffee keeps you highly focused, it is commonplace to feel more stressed if you consume a lot of coffee. Tea on the other hand, in particular, green tea, has anti-depressant elements which help reduce stress. So if you are feeling a bit stressed, that cup of green tea can help you go a long way.

Improves immune system

No, this does not mean that tea will cure you of a strong cold. Drinking tea can help improve your immune system, making it easier to avoid illness. Think of it like an anti-virus software to protect your computer. It will help you defend yourself against future threats.

The taste is also quite good. A cup of tea, anyone?

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