Will 5G Kill Us All?

We have been hearing about the new phase of cellular technology referred to as 5G. This is the technology which is expected to be compatible with the new generation of smartphones. Whilst in normal cases one would be excited with the prospect of new technology, 5G is a bit different. The reason for this is related to the possibility of health risks associated with this new and stronger network. In this article, we will discuss whether you should be worried about 5G.

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If you surf the internet, you are likely to have seen several YouTube videos and Facebook articles about 5G. In a nutshell, 5G is portrayed as an escalation of our current technology which will have adverse effects on human health, due to high radiation. Some commentators indicate that this radiation should not be taken lightly since it can lead to DNA damage and cancer. Some sources cite reputable entities such as the World Health Organisation.

Although there was some talk about 5G in the past few years, the reason why we have such controversy now is that we are anticipating roll out very soon. Most leading smartphone companies are now preparing devices which are compatible with 5G. Samsung, LG, Huawei and Motorola are all valid examples.

5G offers a significant improvement in network performance. When compared to 4G which was the last major upgrade, 5G delivers superior speeds and reduces latency thus making it ideal for video game streaming, online videos and the connection of different devices via the internet, also known as the Internet of Things.

In order to understand the increasing concerns about 5G, one needs to look at these in a wider context. We have long been bombarded with concerns of radiation stemming from different devices such as microwaves, smart meters, smartphones and even normal WiFi. All these have raised concerns over the years, so it is really no surprise that 5G has been welcomed with similar ones.

With that said, there have been several studies which found no link between cell phones and cancers such as brain tumours.

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Although there are no definitive studies, this does not mean that no danger exists for humans. One study found that certain tumours can develop in rats following high exposure to certain radiation. Although there is a correlation, this does not mean that these tumours were caused by the radiation, since the numbers were small and could have been caused by other factors.

Since 5G is bringing about a higher dose of radiation, the questions and concerns are indeed rightly placed. Some researchers state that this concern is misplaced and is as inaccurate as placing everything in the same wavelength of harmfulness.

In this respect, 5G is something we may not need to be alarmed by. We are using technologies which have higher and more measurable risk. With that said, a nationwide risk assessment could be an extra layer of defence before implementation.

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