What Would you do if you Won the Lottery? Some Ideas…

Winning the lottery is likely to feature in your top three dreams to achieving whatever seems impossible today. Whilst winning the lottery has indeed led to turmoil for some, one would expect that it would bring about positive changes and improvements in his life. In this article, we will discuss what you can do if you ever find yourself in the comfort net of winning the lottery. So just imagine you decided to guess five numbers, and you see them being drawn and selected one by one…

Travel the world

Most people today can afford a holiday once a year. If, however, you win the lottery you have endless possibilities to enjoy holidays in remote locations you can only dream of and go on vacations which are way out of your budget. Wish to travel to the United States? Or Bali? Winning the lottery could be your ticket.

Quit your job

Highly probable that this will be on the agenda for most. Most people work mainly for the financial aspect and if they had a comfortable cushion of money, they would not go to work anymore. Imagine having a piss on your boss’ desk just as you are announced the lottery winner! Just make sure you have that ticket in hand! Do not go rushing into any major decisions, remember you have your whole life to cater for and one bad career move can make things complicated. Especially if you have not claimed your winnings yet.

Buy a bigger home / more homes

Once you have that financial leeway and comfort, some would imagine investing in a bigger home which could accommodate your real estate ambitions and convenience. It can also allow you to enjoy that big pool and you can finally own that mancave you have always dreamed about.


They say that money makes money. Rather than thinking about early retirement and no life hassle, work to expand your empire by investing money in the right places. Such examples can include company stocks and properties for rent. This may prove to be more sustainable in the long run and will allow you to generate more income from different sources. At the end of the day, this will allow you more security and financial independence as you reach retirement age.


All that money can make it difficult to maintain a certain discipline. Spending large chunks of money on entertainment is definitely enticing. With that said, it may end up being a total fiasco. It is not the first time that lottery winners ended up with terrible vices and dire financial situations were winning the lottery destroyed their life. By all means, we are not saying don’t enjoy it! Just keep in mind you still need money to ensure your well-being!

Any other ideas what you would do if you won the lottery? Like donating to charity?

Let us know in the comments section.

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