What is Next for the iPhone?

The iPhone remains one of the top brands when it comes to smartphones. Apple has been in this space for quite a while and continues to be the obvious choice for most. One of the reasons Apple enjoys this illustrious position in the market is due to the fact that they constantly innovate, launching products which meet their customers’ expectations in most cases. This is coupled with some exceptional marketing which indeed allows the brand to continue making inroads into both customer loyalty and acquisition.

The new iPhone 11 is expected to bring to the fore some remarkable changes. The design, as synonymous with Apple is anticipated to be sublime. Next year is expected to bring about some interesting updates and upgrades to the iPhone 11.

One of the new features of this new iPhone is a foldable concept. Apple has filed for patents relating to foldable devices, has apparently secured provision of the bendy displays, and is believed to have run tests of its own – but the company isn’t expected to unveil a folding iPhone until 2020 or maybe 2021, if at all.

To create hype, Apple has already confirmed this publicly that work is currently being undertaken on this new design. Quite clear to see that this is Apple’s attempt to outperform the Galaxy Fold being prepared by Samsung. Needless to say, having a phone which can easily be converted into a tablet is the ultimate scenario of device convenience.

What else should we expect?

With the technology of 5G just round the corner, we are to expect that Apple now adapts to it and offers upgrades which are compatible with this technology. It will be an essential element as 2020 looms in the distance. We are also expecting an upgrade in the iPhone’s camera. The iPhone 11 will boast a triple-lens camera.

Apple will be launching new iPhone screens later on next year. This can create a new dimension of the iPhone whereby previous models will look old and outdated.

It seems to us that Apple is heralding in a new generation of smartphones in order to accommodate the growing innovation standards that consumers want. This is an inevitable step forward because people seem to have grown accustomed to more of the same.

As we eagerly await these new updates which are set to revolutionise smartphone technology, people who are looking into changing their device may perhaps need to wait. Imagine buying a new iPhone and following a few months, will appear that it is outdated and of a previous generation.

People who buy an iPhone soon might come to regret doing so.

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