Time Management Tips

In most cases, a lot of people feel that they do not have enough hours to complete all they intend to do throughout the day. There are two ways one can decide to go about this, either complain that the hours of a day are not enough, or else, adopt better time management tips. In this article, we discuss some time management tips which should help you get through the day better, closing off your commitments more effectively.

Plan your day

Before starting off, it is important to consider all that you need to complete in the day and plan time for it accordingly. You should take note of all these items and set a time by when to start and complete each task. Once the day is over, you will be able to look over your notepad or calendar, and see what was completed versus what was not. This will allow you to understand why certain things remain pending and what you can do to improve your efficiency during the day. Obviously, not using something such as a calendar or notepad will make planning extremely difficult and increases the risk of missing or forgetting an important deadline.

Wake up at the same time every day

This may be a bit difficult for those who enjoy a good night’s sleep. With that said, having a regular schedule of when to sleep and wake up will work wonders for your productivity and time management. This approach will need to extend to weekends and public holidays just the same. It is also beneficial for your cognitive function. When you have irregular sleeping patterns, you become less alert in the morning and can take longer to start your day in full swing.

Avoid multitasking

Although many people highlight the importance of multitasking, it is at times counterproductive, as you will start many things and finish none. It can weaken your attention span and not allow you to give a task the focus and priority it requires. This diminishes the quality of the work.

Monitor how long each task takes

Actively monitoring how long each task takes allows you to understand your pace and plan better. Doing this for a couple of weeks allows you to better predict how to manage your workload.


Most definitely, one of the critical aspects of time management. If you are busy, most likely you will not manage to finish everything within the day. This is understandable and you will need to prioritise, so as to ensure that the most important tasks are finished first. Failing to do this will put you in a spot of trouble as you need to justify why one thing took most priority over the other.

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