The IT Movie – What A Successful Remake

If you are a horror movie lover, you have heard about IT. One of the best horror movies of recent times and a successful remake. Rarely ever the case when considering that a significant number of remakes fail miserably. The movie was released in 2017 and now with Chapter two being released in the coming days, we are all extremely excited.

The first movie was released in 1990 and although it was decent, the remake is the stuff of greatness. The movie revolves around an extra-terrestrial entity which is a shape shifter and takes the form of a clown. This entity resides in a small town called Derry and every twenty-seven years it wakes from its slumber to feed on children.

The remake starts off incredibly, capturing the audience in awe and shock in one of its initial scenes. Similar to the 1990s remake, the clown attempts to gain the trust of young Georgie before it attacks him. The 2017 movie features the horror of the entity as it bites off Georgie’s arm and as he attempts to flee, a long hand comes out of the sewer and pulls him in. The scene is much stronger than that in the original movie as you see a young child attempting to flee with his arm torn off and blood pouring freely.

The movie progresses with the clown tormenting the children with their worst fears in an attempt to eat them all, haunting them as they are in the confines of their own homes. The movie takes a darker turn when the entity attempts to manipulate Billy by tormenting him with the sight of his dead young brother Georgie.

The entity gathers in strength by seeing its victims consumed in fear, indicating that it makes them taste better. It also manages to portray its strength when it manipulates the young teenage bully into killing his father by stabbing him in the neck during his sleep.

The various encounters between IT and the children are all intense, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats to see what happens next. The children unite to take on this devilish entity hunting it down to the sewers where the final fight commences. As the children take it on the entity retreats presumably hurt or on the brink of death. The movie ends with the children committing to each other that should IT ever return, they will come back to kill it.

So what can we expect in the second movie?

The children are now all grown up, however hear rumours of IT’s return. They go back to Derry to finish it off once and for all.

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