Nuts can Kill

For most people, nuts are regular ingredients which can be used in a variety of dishes, adding flavour and delight. For others who suffer from nut allergies, things are more complicated and must avoid them like the plague. Some allergies can escalate very quickly and could be fatal. Let’s face it, having such an allergy poses several problems and complications.

It is definitely problematic if you have to live your life in fear due to an ingredient which is used across various food and drink options. This can cause severe anxiety, especially if someone has had a bad experience with nuts. Let’s not forget, even a trace of nuts can potentially be fatal. In this article, we discuss just some of the things people with nut allergies go through.


People who suffer from nut allergies will be familiar with an EpiPen. Ideally such allergy sufferers will practice how to use it before an actual emergency occurs. Going somewhere without it is also risky. Some people will need to go through the negotiation process of whether they should go back for it if it is forgotten at home. Most would end up going back home for it since it is too much of a risk to go anywhere without it.

Eating at a friend’s house

People with nut allergies do not feel comfortable eating out. It is not just a question of the actual dish but also any potential cross-contamination. One would end up in a position where he is too scared but would opt to remain calm so as not to ruin other people’s night.

Checking chocolates

Not the first time that you are at the office and chocolates are shared. Most people would immediately indulge. Others who suffer from nut allergies however, are likely to avoid altogether due to the traces of nuts. It is therefore very important to keep in mind nut allergies, especially when you bring some food items to the office.

Panic when seeing nuts

People who suffer from such allergies understandably become panicked when they see nuts. Imagine being allergic to them and someone next to you on a bus opens a bag of peanuts and starts eating. Being in an enclosed space with nut particles flying all over would cause panic to anyone. So what do you do? Do you leave the bus? Do you ask the person to stop?

Dessert deprivation

People with nut allergies also grow accustomed to depriving themselves of delicious desserts. Most of which contain nuts. Imagine the pain of going to a restaurant knowing that there is no safe dessert to wrap up a delicious meal.

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