Do we have a Tree Crisis in Malta?

You had to be living under a rock if you have never heard about the negative effects and dangers of global warming. The warnings have been a long time coming. The world is in a spiral of decline and human intervention seems to make things only worse. We do have some small shimmers of hope however. Scientists have stated that we may control the effects of global warming, by planting a trillion trees. Yes, that seems to be the solution. No advanced technology or expensive projects, simply planting trees.

If we were to state that this project was to be undertaken solely by us, that would be a challenge and impossible. Doing our part however, together with another one hundred and ninety-four countries, should be considered. 

So, what is really stopping a country like Malta to undertake a serious and substantial project to plant more trees? The reality of this dire situation is that since there is really no money to be made, we do not really care, even if it means saving ourselves! Not only that, in Malta we seem to be doing the complete opposite. We are removing trees to widen roads, to accommodate more traffic which contributes to more pollution, which is slowly killing us. The worst part of all this is that we are fully aware of the repercussions yet continue undertaking irresponsible action. The Central Link project is indeed a problematic project as it does precisely this. The main reason for this project is that we can fit more cars, making it easier for drivers.

Whilst we cannot do much in terms of a global level, we should be making an effort to safeguard our own bit and try to battle rising temperatures. Should we continue on this tree killing spree simply to achieve very short-term objectives of traffic control, future generations will curse us for doing so.

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