Strategic vs Creative

In today’s business world, we have several buzzwords which are used across all levels of corporate strata. Amongst these terms, we have strategic and creative, which are visible across most reports, correspondence, email communication and job descriptions, to mention a few. Problem-solving is also one of these keywords. Work is all about solving problems and in reality, there are two ways to go about this, either strategically or creatively. In this article, we will be discussing the key principles of both methodologies.

When it comes to creative thinking, it is important for one to allocate the appropriate time to brainstorm. The creative process can strike at any time, even after discussing the problem at length. This will also require exploring unconventional methods, ways of working you have never undertaken in the past. Do not limit yourself to your day-to-day routine. You will also need to think about the end result and the bigger picture, considering where you wish to arrive and how you will get there.

Part of the creative process also entails seeking feedback from others, people who may not necessarily be involved in the process. This will allow you to gain fresh insights from people who are not biased.

Strategic thinking, on the other hand, is all about maximising efficiency. In this respect, time needs to be limited to solve the problem or complete the assignment accurately within a respectable timeframe. Addressing a complex problem strategically will require you to split it into different parts and tackling them according to the highest priority. Solving a problem strategically means that you refer to past experiences and use similar solutions that have worked in the past. There is no need to reinvent the wheel kind of approach may work well if executed appropriately.

In reality, different problems will require a blend of both strategy and creativity. If you rely solely on creativity to solve work-related problems, you risk that the situation spirals out of control. If you rely only on strategic efforts, you may come across as providing solutions which lack impact and are uninspiring.

Leading companies embrace the approach that it is really a combination of the two which leads to the most fruitful results. It is all about identifying the right moments were to utilise strategic versus creative efforts.

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