Owning a Pool – The Pros and Cons

A home boasting a large pool is the utopia of wealth, social status and relaxation for most people. Looking at it at face value, who doesn’t want a pool in his home? I mean it’s one of the main symbols of wealth, right? Whilst having a pool is indeed something you would be proud of, it does come with its problems and in this article, we give a balanced view between the pros and cons of owning a pool.

Social status

Most definitely a pro. Having your friends coming over for dinner with the view of a pool where they can enjoy a swim, is definitely luxury at its best. This is all the more true if you are the only one in the neighbourhood who can boast a pool of significant size. 

Property value

The value of a property is also remarkably increased with the addition of a pool. The reason for this could tie into the psychological aspect that owning a pool is the ultimate step in achieving your real estate dreams.


To top off the beauty of a recently refurbished, modernised home, a pool is the final piece of the jigsaw to achieve design greatness. Even if you do not swim in your pool frequently, you can always enjoy the view as you eat dinner or drink a glass of wine and beholding its sight.

As pretty much everything else in life, even the most luxurious and idealistic elements come with their downsides. 


Despite the fact that most would tend to think that a pool will only bring happiness and relaxation, it comes with high maintenance. The construction and design are only the initial expenses. There are several costs for upkeep, maintenance, insurance and energy.

Safety risks

You never hear about safety risks in those nice pool ads. Safety risks exist and you may need to implement the required fencing, especially if you have toddlers or young children. Safety may also be compromised if one decides to take on adventurous diving where he can get hurt.

Lack of usage

Most people would tend to think of this as the least problem. Very few would imagine that they end up never swimming in their pool. Most people who do not own one would imagine countless hours swimming in it. This may not always be the case. Many pool owners state that they do not use their pool all too often and it ends up becoming an unnecessary expense.

Do you think a pool is worth it? Are you willing to take the plunge?

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