Excessive Partying in Malta

Malta is a beautiful country with various facets. It is renowned for a variety of things, one of which being its entertainment scene. Few countries boast the same level of entertainment that Malta does, which is why we are attractive for tourists. Unlike other countries, which become dull in the evening, Malta has countless places for partying and entertainment. This helps boost the country’s economy as both locals and tourists spend a lot of money in such establishments. With that said, this does not mean that these parties do not bring about their own problems.

Litter and dirt

Have a look at the streets following a large party. All the amount of litter and dirt would be overwhelming. Just look at some images of all the rubbish collected after St Patrick’s Day! Or the dirt collected after a Saturday night in Paceville. Such rubbish makes the area look shabby and cheap, reflecting poorly on the entire locality.


Parties attract different types of people. Not all people attending these parties are the ideal type. You will find individuals who take it a step too far in terms of alcohol consumption and start ruining the fun of others with their stupidity and shenanigans. One recent example was when a group of foreigners caused commotion on a flight and disturbed other passengers in anticipation of a big party taking place in Malta.


In such parties, we have heard several cases of drug abuse and distribution. It is an immense pity that one goes to such parties and ends up in a dire situation, simply because of drug consumption or substance abuse.

Drunk driving

Following such parties, it is quite commonplace to hear about traffic accidents which sometimes are fatal. The excessive partying and alcohol consumption make people do some poor decisions, one of which would be believing that they are able to drive following several drinks. This can have severe repercussions on both the people who over consumed alcohol and also innocent passers-by.

Apart from these obvious consequences, there are other situations which may be brought about due to excessive partying. Such include alcohol addiction, family or marital problems and declining job performance due to a lack of focus. This may also be followed by financial troubles, considering that entertainment does cost a lot of money, especially if one overindulges.

What is your view on partying in Malta? Do we take it a step too far? Let us know in the comments section.

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