What Healthy Couples Do

First off and very important to mention is the fact that a perfect relationship does not exist. Every couple goes through its tough moments and it is in fact through these tests that the strength of the relationship grows and endures. In reality, healthy couples fight less than incompatible ones, however this does not mean that they are immune to conflict. In this article, we will discuss some of the things that healthy couples do.

They endorse the fact that they need each other

This goes against the mantra we usually hear. We normally hear that both husband and wife need to be independent and not need each other. This is not the case with healthy couples. Both partners acknowledge that they have their weaknesses and moments when they need support and a shoulder to cry on. This approach influences even the most minor of interactions. Let us take an example with a partner who feels that more time is required with his/her soulmate. Instead of stating terms such as “you are never here”, one would say “I miss you and we need to spend more time together”. 

They accept their differences

Healthy couples accept that they have their differences and use them to their favour, to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses. One partner would be excellent in cooking and the other might be great at laundry. It all relies on the fact that both partners would be willing to support each other, not criticise or blame. In a nutshell, such couples focus on win-win situations, rather than win-lose.

They admit fault

Partners who enjoy healthy relationships have no hesitation to admit fault when they messed up. Everyone may make mistakes and admitting them takes a great sense of respect and maturity. 

Working for the best

Healthy couples are constantly working to improve their relationship. This means that they would be open to constructive feedback, even if it may not subscribe to their beliefs. Such an approach is a clear indication that the relationship is a top priority.


A key component in all relationships. This is key for both partners to feel loved and respected. When there is a lack of appreciation for each other’s contributions, this becomes a problem as it will lead to several conflicts.

They move on

Normal couples debate argue and yes, they fight as well. The key is to learn from the episode and move on without holding it against one another. Not forgiving for such episodes will lead to future conflicts, which may be more difficult to manage.

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