Unresolved Murders in Malta

The perception of both the locals and foreigners is that Malta is a safe country, so talking about murders is something a bit off. With that said, in this article we will discuss unresolved murders which took place in Malta. 

Daphne Caruana Galizia

Over a year ago, the country was plagued with one of the worst murder cases in its history. A well-renowned and controversial journalist who reported on politics and criminality was brutally assassinated in a case which made international headlines. The assassination was indeed gruesome as a bomb was planted in her car, detonating a few miles away from her household. One can only imagine the trauma endured when the family and friends, saw the wreckage take place.

The journalist exposed different people and wrote stories which brought to shame many individuals. In a nutshell, she was not exactly the most loved journalist and compromised several people. Her blog or running commentary was followed by most of the population, with her platform being ranked with the top websites in Malta. Till this day, three men have been apprehended and all fingers seem to point that to them. One may argue, that since the men responsible have been caught, the case is solved. No? In reality, a lot seems to point to the fact that these men have been appointed as hired guns by someone else. If this is so, the true perpetrator remains concealed. It is therefore this reason, why the case remains unresolved.

Hugo Chetcuti

Hugo was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Malta. He had developed establishments of entertainment which are well-renowned in Malta. A few months ago, he was attacked by a Serbian, being stabbed with a knife in front of one of his establishments. Hugo Chetcuti died six days later from wound infections. From the compilation of evidence and news reports, it seems that Bojan Cmelik, worked in one of Hugo’s establishments. With that said, we are still unsure with regards to the motive behind the murder and whether someone else was involved in this.

Raymond Caruana

Almost thirty years have passed and this case was never resolved. It was a time where political divide was at its peak and the incident of “tal-barrani” still sends chills down people’s spines. The avid PN supporter was shot dead at the age of twenty-six and the perpetrators have not been identified till this very day. He was shot during the opening of a PN club in Gudja and thirty years later, no one was ever brought to face justice.

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