Keeping a healthy relationship with your kids

Raising children is by no means an easy feat. It takes patience, dedication and no small amount of effort. As parents will undoubtedly get to understand, a number of their actions will not be immediately endorsed by the kids, especially in the short term! A parent’s job is tough, because he must find a balance between maintaining discipline, without being too overbearing on the kids. Most parents will get to quarrel with their children and it is only natural. There will always be the insecurity of having kids who will grow to hate us and in this article, we discuss some ways on how to avoid that happening. I mean we all want kids that don’t hate us, right?

Do not invade their lives

Whilst monitoring what your kids are doing and who they are going out with is important, a parent needs to be careful not to be invasive. Whilst certain restrictions should be set, parents must allow their children to make their own decisions, especially when it impacts them directly. Such a choice would include the career track they are willing to take on. Other major decisions would include the person they want to marry or live with. Other ways parents can invade the lives of their children is by constantly providing their judgement on the decisions taken. They seem to take it too personally!

Do not make unacceptable conditions

Certain parents do indeed support their children. What becomes problematic is when the parents make unacceptable conditions. Let’s imagine parents helping out their children with the payment of a residential property. Whilst it is indeed perfectly normal, what becomes unacceptable is an expectation that said parents can waltz into the house unexpectedly.

Do not track their movements

Having a good idea of where your children went when they are fifteen years of age is one thing. It is normal to feel upset and worried when you are uncertain where they are or when they do not pick up their phone. Whilst it is indeed normal to throw a tantrum when your young child/teenager returns home after a late night out, doing so when your children are of a certain age is unacceptable. Doing so will create rifts between parents and children, which will eventually lead to unnecessary conflict.

Do not ruin holidays

Most would be very looking forward to a well-earned holiday. If parents create hassle as their children are abroad for no good reason, this could damage the relationship. Some parents would take it too personally if their children are going abroad for Christmas or a birthday.

Do not criticise excessively

Some parents deem it their duty to point out where they disagree with their children. Such criticism may be deemed as constructive. When done excessively, however, it can become too overwhelming, especially when it relates to sensitive topics, such as the raising of children and the management of a household.

Parent and child relationships are indeed sensitive and need work. Any tips from the experienced parents? Share with us in the comments section.

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