It is not the end of the world if you failed an exam – or two

The summer months are synonymous with some well-deserved rest, peace and tranquillity. This is more so for students who normally associate summer with holidays and a good three months of leisure. As students progress through academic stages, they start preparing for their Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations. These exams bring a lot of stress on both students and their families as most would want to progress further in their education, without having the summer plagued by re-sits. A few days ago, exam results were released and to those who managed to get their desired grades, well done!  For those who failed an exam or two, it is not the end of the world! In this article, we will discuss some of the things you need to do and keep in mind, as the summer studying kicks in.

You have less exams to focus on this time round

This is one of the main points of consolation. Whereas you may have sat for ten exams or more, you now have fewer if you failed just one or two. This will allow you to re-group and focus your efforts on the exams you failed without other distractions. Having just one or two exams to sit for makes things indeed less complicated.

Private lessons

You should not face this struggle alone. If you failed this exam, it may mean that you need additional help or a different approach. Immediately seek the assistance of a professional teacher who offers private lessons and can guide you on the right path and strategy to achieving the required grade. You will appreciate the money spent if you are successful.

Eliminate distractions

You have another chance coming up towards the end of summer. Do not blow it! Eliminate the summer distractions and ignore the photos of people at the beach, and eating ice cream. You have more important things to tend to, which may impact your future. Establish a comfortable space for studying and stick to it. Whilst temptation to pack your bags and head for the beach may be too strong, remember that the studying will be worth it at the end.

Take some breaks

Whilst you will need to focus most of your time on the books, be reasonable. Some short breaks to recover your mental strength and focus are also necessary. Just don’t overdo it!

Best of luck to those sitting for exams in September.

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