Is Monogamy a thing of the Past?

The perception of marriage and monogamy has changed throughout the years. In the past, marriage was more of a sealed deal, where both husband and wife commit themselves to remain loyal to each other until death. Today we have become more accustomed to hearing about failed marriages and multiple partners. It seems that society is moving away from monogamy, allowing for a more flexible and less restricted approach to sexuality. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why monogamous relationships may be on the decline!

Monogamy is against nature

Putting the fact that we are humans and not animals, and as humans, we have responsibilities and not just instincts. There are different species of mammals in the world. From the thousands of such species, very few form monogamous relationships. Some would argue that monogamy goes against nature, which is why humans may feel the urge to explore sexual relations with several partners. It is a well-known, yet inadmissible fact that people engage in extra-marital affairs. We are very willing to accept that someone may love more than one child or sibling, however, most have trouble with accepting that one can engage in more than a single romantic relationship

Stressful lifestyle

A stressful lifestyle where work, errands and commitments dominate us from morning till night, it can be quite difficult to sustain a healthy relationship. It can be quite easy for a relationship to deteriorate, followed by partners seeking the company of other acquaintances and lovers.

Sexual expectations

When considering that pornography is quite easily accessible, it creates the illusion of perfect sex, and automatically raises expectations. In doing so, one may get disappointed of what actually goes on in his bedroom and may believe that the grass is greener on the other side.

Hard to get

One of the other reasons why monogamy is becoming a less attractive option is due to the fact that it becomes routine. Getting along with another partner or extra-marital affair is exciting because it is harder to achieve, and maybe deemed as an exciting fling. Monogamous relationships, although more stable, end up feeling like a normal routine.

The media also influences our behaviour. Have a look at leading television shows and you will see that cheating and extra-marital affairs are the normal day-to-day. Being exposed to such content influences people into believing that life should be like that.

With such factors and societal progression all diminishing the value of monogamy, how long before societal trends change completely, and marriage as we know it becomes only a minority’s selection?

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