Did Michelle Muscat Really Swim 14 Kilometres?

The Michelle Muscat charity swim has become some sort of national event. A whole campaign drives this activity for the greater good, to donate to those who are less fortunate. With that said, away from the red ribbons, interviews and nice media coverage, are we to believe that Michelle Muscat swam fourteen kilometres, especially when reports have raised serious doubts? When combining total distance and the time it took her to swim, the stats put her on the levels of the best swimmers in the world. Michelle Muscat, fastest swimmer in the world. Who would have thought?

Anyways, this is what Michelle Muscat said and this is what her Public Relations team told the media. This was her longest swim ever. Well, some argue that she did not even swim eight kilometres which puts her story in shambles. Some also argue that it doesn’t even matter because the whole initiative was for charity. First off, most would think that her intentions are indeed genuine, with a willingness to raise money for something she believes in. With that said, even eight kilometres is quite a struggle for someone who is not a regular and trained swimmer.

The crux of the matter revolves around the question, does it matter?  One can argue that it indeed does for several reasons. The first would be that the underlying purpose for this activity was indeed charity. It is precisely for this purpose that the truth is of paramount importance. One would expect that people would be disappointed. They gave their money and indeed would expect the truth.

With that said, on the day of the swim, the sea conditions were bad. No one would have taken it against Michelle Muscat if she said so. After all, she is not a professional swimmer, so it would not shock anyone for her to admit it.

The reality of this is that the dishonesty damages the entire activity. This is all the more true when considering that there was a whole campaign with prime-time advertising on national television to promote this event. With that said, it may seem that the Foundation may need to consider new ambassadors and activities.

In this respect, Michelle Muscat has emphasised against the controversy being caused and refused to answer questions about the distance and time reported. The same approach was adopted by the Marigold Foundation, which refused to answer questions. 

One of the justifications for the impressive time registered by Michelle Muscat were the favourable sea conditions, in which the currents pushed her further towards the desired destination.

What is your view on all this? Should this activity still be pursued? Is it still credible? 

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