Is Louis Galea the PN Saviour?

The Nationalist party has come off a string of several electoral disappointments, which have now become too difficult to count and keep track of. The party has been juggling through different leaders, all of which fell short against Joseph Muscat’s Labour party. Amidst these bad results, it is quite clear to see that factions have formed within the Nationalist party and are leading it into a spiral of decline. 

Earlier in the month, it was reported by the media that the current Opposition Leader has appointed PN stalwart Louis Galea, as the lead for the party reformation. The proposal was unanimously approved.

Louis Galea has vast experience in politics, having served as a minister, secretary general and Speaker of the House of Representatives. He is perceived by many as the man who can spearhead unity within the Nationalist party, to address the growing conflicts which have been brewing for the past two years, ever since Adrian Delia was appointed at the helm. 

Adrian Delia has made his support and faith no secret, having addressed a letter of gratitude to Louis Galea. He recognised Louis Galea for the several meetings held where the current predicament of the PN was discussed, together with a set of action points to turn around the situation. An important part of the agenda discussed during these meetings was the issue of the different factions currently plaguing the party. It is reported that significant efforts will be directed towards unity and to make it once again an electable party, which may be of service to the people.

In this respect, Adrian Delia has provided Louis Galea with a platform to be able to carry out this work. He was appointed as the President of the party’s think-tank committee, the Academy for the Development of a Democratic Environment. Delia emphasised that this committee needs to become an effective platform for communication and dialogue. The letter prepared by Delia concluded with words of re-assurance that he will offer all the support possible to Galea.

Louis Galea expressed his thanks to the executive committee for approving his appointment as proposed by the Leader of the Opposition. He emphasised on the fact that the Nationalist Party is going through a critical phase. One of his messages was that in order for the party to perform its function appropriately, its members need to be united both inside and outside of parliament. He also made it quite clear that one person alone is not enough to spur forward the required changes. It will take more than that, most notably genuine goodwill and sacrifice from all those who have the party at heart.

Louis Galea indeed has the necessary political experience. With that said, one will need to see how this situation develops considering he may still be perceived as a member of the old guard. It is no secret that the electorate has made its desire quite clear for new faces within the Nationalist party.

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