How to Recover from Burnout

The word “burnout” is thrown around lightly. With that said, it doesn’t make the concept any less true and can be highly detrimental both on a professional and personal level. It is immensely sad to see people who shine bright grow dimmer, until they burn out. This is the outcome following a strong cocktail consisting of both stress and fatigue.

Burnout leads to several negative outcomes and transforms high potential into frustration, sadness and job dissatisfaction. The good side of this is that burnout may not be a permanent condition and can be addressed. It is an opportunity to change one’s lifestyle, thus returning back to being the bright talent one may be accustomed to.

In this article, we discuss some of the things you can do to address burnout.


One of the ways to solve a problem is by identifying the triggers. In this respect, you should make a list of all the things which make you feel stressed, worried, anxious and frustrated. You should keep this list handy and always update it with new things. This is not something you need to finish in a day but needs time. With each entry, list down points on how you can make the issue less stressful, and implement these in your routine. 

Learn to say no

This is an important skill to develop. Most people rarely muster the courage to say no, especially if they are career driven and want to impress with each and every task. When you are overwhelmed with work, avoid taking on any new tasks and responsibilities.


One problem top performers may face is seizing control over certain tasks and delegating them to others. Whilst it may be hard, it is inevitable, as you will need to release tasks of lower priority to focus on more important objectives.


Not taking breaks may be fruitful in the short-term as you strive to close off tight projects. Making this the norm will however have its toll on you. You need to take regular breaks to clear your mind and keep delivering at optimal levels in the long-term.

Detach from mobile devices

Being constantly hooked to your devices will not allow you time to free your mind or rest. If your phone is constantly beeping with the sound of emails coming in, especially as you are at home with your family, this will intrude your leisure time. The few hours you spend at home need to be used to detach completely from your work life and enjoy your family.


Invest some time in socialising with others. It would make sense to also seek the company of those who are not in your professional circle, as it may allow you insights into different perspectives.

One final piece of advice would be to do things you enjoy. A high-achieving professional also needs time for hobbies. This will require you to change your time patterns.

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