Hobbies for Workaholics

Although we are constantly bombarded with messages pertaining to work life balance, we still very much admire the hard workers, who spend countless hours on the go just to get the job done and exceed expectations. Many people dub themselves as workaholics and rarely have any time for anything. They also complain about it. Are you a workaholic? You may relate to this behaviour. In this article, we will discuss some hobbies you can adopt to relax. 


It is one of those relaxing hobbies where you can actually tend to plants and trees, seeing them grow, providing you with immense satisfaction. It is actually quite addicting once you get the hang of it. You can do this during any time of the week or day. We recommend an early Saturday morning, just before you start tending to your errands and commitments. This will not consume a lot of your time and is immensely soothing for the mind. Quite like meditation!


Cooking is an essential function within the home. When you make this regular task an interesting one, by preparing different dishes with a multitude of ingredients, it becomes a relaxing experience. When you are open for such experiments, you will have the opportunity to create some sublime dishes, which your entire family will enjoy and love you for.


You may also decide to soothe your mind via creative expression. Getting to create a piece of art on your own might be one of the most satisfying experiences. You may also bring back some childhood memories, especially if it was during that phase in life since you last created something with paint.

Interior decoration 

Another hobby which you can enjoy flexibly is interior design and decoration. Your home may need some alterations and it may be quite relaxing to come up with ideas which will alleviate the quality of your home and implement them. Such an activity can include even small things such as flower arrangements or googling around to buy a vase for a corner in your home. And remember! You have no deadline for this. You can take things at your preferred pace.

Build your profile

To steer away from the usual day-to-day, you may try to build your profile and enhance your reputation out there. You can build your profile by writing articles on your very own blog and share on different media channels. This way you can build your profile and share experiences with others who may engage you for consultancy purposes.

Learn something new

You may also think about allocating time to learn a language or take some other lessons. This allows you to take your mind off other stressful work-related matters.

Any other hobbies to recommend for people who are overwhelmed with work?

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