Does Size Really Matter?

We have grown accustomed to comparing sizes. Stop it with that dirty mind! We mean several material objects, being a phone, car, bank account, net worth and God knows how many others! In this article we will discuss some of the things which are heavily influenced by size. 


Phones are heavily influenced by the times and trends. There was a time where mobile phones were very large, and following a time period with such phones, such sizes soon started to become ridiculed. In fact, this was followed by new releases of phones which were smaller in size, lighter and trendier. Having one of these phones was indeed fashionable, anyone remember the baby Nokia? How time flies! As time progressed and smartphones became the new fad, we are now getting used to larger phones and screens. We have now shifted back to bigger is indeed better. Just have a look at the latest iPhone models and the Samsung Galaxy Fold which is yet to be released after further testing takes place. Basically, this is a normal smartphone which when folded, turns into a tablet, hence needs to be of a certain large size. Since size is heavily influenced by the latest fashion and trends, could we ever see a shift towards smaller phones? I highly doubt it considering the extensive emphasis on images.


Car trends have been more consistent across the years. Larger cars reflect dominance and more association with wealth and power. With that said, there are several smaller sports cars which are just as expensive and reflect wealth, status and power. Although large cars are synonymous with wealthier perceptions, there are some smaller cars which can also fit the bill.


Most people would be inclined to purchase larger scale property to serve as a symbol of wealth and higher social status. This was indeed the perception a good number of years ago and still is to a certain extent. With that said, times have changed and there are small properties which still boast luxurious traits. The way such smaller properties can boast these traits is via supreme finishes and country/sea views. So in a nutshell, the size of property still matters, however not as much as it used to.


The smaller the better, for both males and females. Wearing a small sized shirt spells much more positivity about your physical shape than medium. The same applies for the large and extra-large sizes. Considering how weight conscious people have become, it is very unlikely that larger sized clothes will become the preferred alternative anytime soon.

Any other things you can mention which are judged by their size? No, stop thinking about that you dirty minded person!

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