7 Benefits of Being Single

Mainstream media portrays being in a relationship as one of life’s milestones and that being single is a sign that something is wrong and that you are a failure. This is definitely not the case for most people who are single. For one, we can be sure that there are several people who are in committed relationships and are passing through some bad phases, leading to misery. In this article we will not be discussing the usual mantra about the benefits of being in a relationship. We will discuss the benefits of being single.

It is very ok to flirt

Everyone enjoys the occasional flirting every now and again. Doing so whilst you are single will not make things complicated with your partner and you do not need to explain anything or feel guilty for it. Best part is, you can flirt with anyone you like and not get stick for it.

Travelling at your preference

You can decide to go abroad whenever you feel comfortable, to any country you prefer without the need to convince your partner. Imagine you are in a relationship and decide to visit the mountains, whilst your partner disagrees. There are two ways you can go about this, you either stay at home or go on your own. Either way, the outcome will not be pretty.

Taking more care of yourself

Having a partner might make you less inclined to hit the gym often or to take care of your appearance as much as you possibly can. Research indicates that people in long-term relationships tend to gain more weight for example. If you just ended up single, it may be a good time to start working on yourself and getting your looks back to their best.

More time

Being single enables you more time for yourself and the things which you enjoy the most. Always been your dream to run a side business? Now may be the right time to launch it since you have no partner who will consume significant amounts of your time.

Better sleep

Some people just find it difficult to sleep next to another partner. Being single allows you to get some much needed solo sleep, and whilst you may indeed miss the cuddling, the overall quality of rest may be better.


The ability to live without a partner requires discipline and experience. Not everyone is capable of being self-sustained, and finding solace in his or her own company. Some time single allows you to build such traits and qualities.


Being single allows you more time to spend with your friends. Having a partner and related commitments can make it quite difficult to catch up and meet for a coffee.

Whilst some may find being single hard to adapt to, in reality you can do whatever you please with no restrictions and commitments. Such a lifestyle might be ideal for some people and can be a necessary experience for most.

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