5 Things you Should Never Say in a Job Interview

Interviews are sometimes a cause for anxiety and stress. Using the wrong term or being misunderstood can easily hurt your chances significantly of getting the job offer. There are some comments which are a one way ticket to disaster, such as “I only want this job to pay my mortgage” or “I am leaving my job because my current employer is an a$$ho..”. Other ways to ruin an interview include asking inappropriate questions, such as how many holidays you get to have or whether you can have longer breaks. These are obvious deal breakers. In this article, we will discuss statements which although may sound harmless, can still hurt your chances of getting the job.

Lacking teamwork abilities

Although working with people may not be your preferred option or is less of a strong point, you still do not outrightly state that you do not feel comfortable working with others. Employers today are very much inclined to select candidates who can fit well with their colleagues and can contribute to organisational synergy.

Being OCD

Although you may think that saying this will earn you points, this can backfire. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a serious mental illness that impacts millions of people across the world. In an age where people are becoming more sensitive for such mental illnesses, throwing such tags around may not be acceptable. Use terms such as high attention to detail and organised.


Everyone needs a holiday. With that said, highlighting your enthusiasm to leave before you even started will not be beneficial for your chances. Do not ask about your leave before you even explained your background and competencies in detail.

Badmouthing current company

If you are looking for a new job, you are most likely doing so due to a bad experience at your current workplace. That said, you should never badmouth your current employer with a prospective one. Future employers will immediately imagine that you will do the same to them if you decide to seek another job after they employ you. You will need to emphasise on other reasons why you would like to change job, such as learning new skills or working for a bigger organisation. Nobody wants to onboard negative people!

Lack of excitement for the role

Recruiters would expect potential candidates to have some degree of interest in the role. Indicating that you are in it for the short-term or that this job is simply a stepping stone will make your potential employers avoid you like the plague.

A job interview is by no means a piece of cake. You will need to prepare well.

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