Thank God for August Shutdown

Many are those who look forward to the August shutdown. In reality, it is one of the two periods within the year which serve as an excellent opportunity to get a good quality rest. Most companies officially take a few days of shutdown and all employees are allowed to enjoy some time with their families. In other companies which do not close off for this period, one would expect skeleton staff, where most employees take some days of leave, following a tough first half of the year. In this article, we shall be discussing some of the things you can do during Malta’s August shutdown.


Enjoy the few days of peace and relaxation by catching the ferry and celebrate the Santa Maria feast in Gozo. With that said, don’t expect to be alone as this indeed is a popular destination for most residing in Malta. Gozo provides ideal landscapes where you can relax in green and quiet areas with vast amounts of farmhouses and apartments to enjoy this retreat. Different places such as Marsascala and Xlendi are great for some peaceful relaxation, whilst enjoying some delightful Gozitan cuisine.


You could use the August shutdown to truly detach from your surroundings and book a flight somewhere far. The good number of days which are made available to employees allows them to go for a holiday in any country that they prefer. Been aching for a trip to London? Now’s your chance to book those tickets. You might also be spared of the summer heat which would be at its peak in August.

Hotel in Malta

If going on a holiday is not in the pipeline, you may opt for something which is more cost friendly. You may consider booking a stay in one of the many hotels in Malta. With all the possible alternatives, namely in St. Julian’s, Sliema, Valletta and Bugibba you are in for a treat. Nothing really beats a great English breakfast followed by a relaxing day in the sun in front of a large pool. This is something you can enjoy without having to spend the money you would on a holiday in another country.

Different places in Malta

Malta is a gem. Not sure how you can enjoy your free time during the summer shutdown? Explore different places in Malta such as Mdina, Valletta and the Neolithic temples. Be a tourist in your own country! You will discover new things and will be pleased you did.

Just make sure you don’t fall in the rut of spending all of your holidays doing errands.

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