No, Organic Food is NOT Healthier

One of the arguments you will face as you meet different self-proclaimed healthy eaters is the one pertaining to organic food. It would be safe to presume that most people who have experimented with a healthy lifestyle and diet took a shot at organic food. The benefits seem obvious. You would be consuming food which excludes the detrimental chemicals and is beneficial for the environment.

Criticism towards pesticides has grown significantly and you see it across most media. The same bunch of people who demonise pesticides are those advocates of organic food, promoting it as the only healthy and safe choice available.

One must admit that idea of Organic food is created out of good intentions, however one must also admit that everything eventually turns into a business model. Whilst reading this article, you are going to be seeing images that prove the irony of the organic food concept. 

How can a processed and preserved product, filled with chemicals be sold as organic and healthy? 

In order to understand what organic food is we will need to define it. This is not easy as it may sound, as it differs from one country to another and the regulation of organics monitoring can be so bad that it may be difficult to distinguish from food processed via conventional farming. In a nutshell, organic food is processed without conventional pesticides, artificial fertilisers, waste or sewage sludge. When it comes to animals, organic means that they are bred with no use of antibiotics and growth hormones.

This definitely does not mean that organic food does not have any other benefits. For one, research shows that organic food is better for the environment when compared to conventional farming. For those who want to spend a bit more money to make the world a better place by preserving its biodiversity, good for you!

Most research seems to point to the fact that the alarm and fear created around pesticides does not have a solid underpinning. In fact, this research clearly indicates that the pesticides found in supermarket food are so minimal that they have no impact on human health. To be fair, with conventional farming, it has been necessary to maintain access to fresh food anytime during the year and for saving countless lives all over the world.

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