How Money Impacts Relationships

Money makes the world go round. It can allow you to enjoy certain luxuries in life which others would only dream of. Saying that money is a necessity is an understatement. It is absolutely crucial for survival. When money is accessible, couples would be able to afford certain luxuries and commitments, however the lack of it can put a strain on relationships. In this article, we discuss some of the life scenarios which may impact relationships and are associated with money.

Promotions/new job

When one earns a good promotion or jumps to a better job, this is likely to bring in more income. The extra income is likely to relieve the pressure, especially if the couple has existing commitments, that it needs to cater for. This may improve relationship dynamics as the partner may be perceived more positively. 

Job loss

Problems may arise when a relationship is hit by an unexpected financial tragedy, which will impact its lifestyle. One of such examples could be an unexpected job loss which will change a family’s life from day to night. This is even more the case if the job lost was of a certain stature that paid good money and may be difficult to replace. In extreme cases where the redundancy takes a long time, the relationship may break due to the existing commitments putting on additional strain which may be too overwhelming.


In situations where money is made available, couples can easily choose to spend some time with each other and relax by booking a flight to some exotic location. This will allow the couple some time off and an opportunity to build memories together which influence the relationship positively.

In certain cases, some relationships do not work out due to the gaps between one partner and the other. This is due to the fact that one partner may be able to afford certain luxuries, whilst the other would not, hence creating a lifestyle expectation discrepancy, which may lead to conflicts. Another reason as to why certain relationships may be broken because of money is when one of the partners attempts to dominate the other, simply because he earns more. This becomes unbearable due to the victimisation and humiliation, especially if this takes place in front of other people.

Some would not accept being with someone who is financially inferior to them. This is precisely why such people would only be willing to build a relationship with someone of a similar financial level and social class. 

What is your view on the way money impacts relationships?

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