Dance in Cuba

Dancing is quite a thing in Cuba. It is very popular and there are numerous places to learn, practice and observe this activity. The people of Cuba are quite skilled and flexible in dancing, whilst many foreigners visit the country just to learn how to dance. In a nutshell, Cuba is the best place in the world to learn about dancing.

It is an integral part of Cuban culture, being an expression of joy and sensuality. The fun of it all can be seen by how the discos fill up at night with both locals and foreigners. As people enjoy a few drinks, they would make their way to the dancefloor and dance the night away, with some classy moves. If you ever decide to visit Cuba, make sure you witness these dance activities, as your holiday would be incomplete.

The art of the dance has a long history in Cuba, dating back to when the Spanish arrived with their instruments including guitars and violins, together with different melodies. The integration of Spanish music and Afro-Cuban culture led to peasant dances. Once of these peasant dances includes the danzón, which is the official dance of Cuba and was the first where couples actually touched each other. This type of dance is a slow and elegant one. 

The salsa is also very popular in Cuba. It is a quick, smooth and seductive dance normally taking place between partners. It originated from New York. It is renowned for the shoulder and torso movements.

Cuba is also well equipped for the teaching of dance. The National Center of Schools of Art has two ballet schools and a modern dance school. These hold around three thousand students. Different dance schools can be found all over Cuba. The levels are different and also include professional standards, where sessions can be scheduled for long hours. 

There are plenty of places you can go dancing in Cuba. Almost all towns have a disco where revellers can enjoy live music during all the nights of the week. Another interesting fact is that the style changes from one day to the other, so you will experience different music themes. The best part is that the discos reach their peak in the late hours of the evening. Such private clubs are indeed popular, especially since they were made legal in 2011. Santiago and Havana have the most night club options for you to enjoy.

Want to learn how to dance like a pro? Cuba should be your next stop. Here is an artistic photo and dance collection done in cuba by Omar Z Robles

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