4 Benefits of a Hot Bath

A hectic lifestyle makes it extremely difficult to enjoy a relaxing hot bath, even on an occasional basis! What if we tell you that a hot bath has more benefits than just relaxation? Research indicates that a hot bath is ideal because it helps you lose more calories than cardio! (what?)

Research undertaken at Loughborough University investigated the impact of hot water. Participants were asked to take a hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit bath, lasting one hour. They were then asked to ride a bicycle for one hour. The surprising part? The research indicates that a hot bath burns a hundred and thirty calories, the equivalent of a thirty-minute walk. Isn’t that cool?

Such exposure to heat is also found to help in preventing cardiovascular disease. In this article, we discuss some of the benefits of a nice, soothing and hot bath.

Enhanced sleep

A hot bath in the evening works miracles for some shut eye. Go ahead and add some lavender essential oil and you will enjoy the nicest of sleep.

Fight sinus

Do you find yourself suffering from allergies, sneezing and throat irritation? The hot bath will help to combat the developing mucus. 

Improved circulation and relaxed muscles

A hot bath is also beneficial for circulation and to relax muscles. It is also ideal for those who are recovering from bodily injuries, stimulating blood flow and reducing tension. One example would be that hot baths are beneficial for chronic joint pain.

Better breathing

A hot bath is ideal if you have a clogged nose, together with improving the function of the lungs. Hot baths help in the processing of oxygen, especially if the chest is soaked beneath the hot water.

We really hope you get more time to enjoy a hot bath. As you can see there are many benefits to this relaxing activity.

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