Women and their Shopping

It all starts with a simple statement such as “I do not have enough shoes” or “I need to buy a new bag” or just “my clothes are no longer fashionable.” We have all been through it! Most of us have indeed experienced the different behaviours of women when they go shopping.


If you ever went shopping with your partner or wife, you are most likely to notice the extended period of time it takes women to buy different stuff, be it clothes, home décor, shoes or bags! Whereas males would typically spend fifteen to thirty minutes to buy a shirt, women would take countless hours as their partner chases, trying to keep up.


Money spent on clothes and shopping is definitely well invested and there is no such thing as spending too much. 

Never enough

You will notice that the more women buy, the less clothes they seem to have. The reason for this is because you will still hear complaints that they do not have enough clothes and that they still need to buy more.

In another world

You may have attempted to speak to your better half, as she is rummaging through the different selection of clothes. You may have also noticed that there is no feedback whatsoever. It is as if women are literally in another world when they are shopping.

Constantly changing

Most men would wear the same shirts and attire for years, especially if it is branded and in good condition. Men’s clothes seem to serve for a long time, whilst women are constantly changing their look from one season to another.

Not enough storage

The continued shopping habits will lead to problems as to where one can store all the clothes purchased. You may notice that the female members within the house are constantly complaining about a lack of space and storage for all their belongings.

Just remember, as you are out on the bench scrolling through your phone, awaiting your significant other to close off her shopping conquest, you are not alone. Be strong!

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