Meet Audrey Buhagiar

Here at B?P, We created a new section called Psychology. This is not just an expression of our ideas and thoughts. Audrey is a practising Psychotherapist in Malta. From a young age Audrey has always been passionate about therapeutic work and reaching out to people. Audrey studied Psychology at the University of Malta. Years of experience have thought Audrey a general understanding of human behaviour and the psyche. Her love for personal development and belief that everyone has experiences to share and to learn form – as well as her interest in the creative adjustment process – pushed her to focus on psychotherapy and proceed on to reading her Masters in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Audrey has worked for over 10 years in educational settings. In the first six years of her career, she focused primarily on the younger generation, whereas in the past five years she has been focusing more on teenagers and adolescents.  Audrey also helps people suffering from mental and clinical disorders. Audrey also has experience with single mothers, homeless,and people battling addictions. She has been working in private clinics for the past seven years, where her passion now centres on relating to adults and relationship issues.

Audrey will be sharing several topics with us and our readers, helping us in delivering educational content, and helping you understand and live a better life. 

Audrey Buhagiar

Warranted Psychotherapist

Contact number +35679019090


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