Jacob’s Brew – A Business with Purpose

I have recently had the pleasure to be invited at Jacob’s Brew for a coffee and chat. The concept of Jacob’s Brew was very well explained to me by Sarah, an extremely welcoming and energetic individual. I was also glad to meet Jacob, a highly positive and intelligent person, who I must say has quite a talent at making new friends.

To explain briefly, Jacob’s Brew is a coffeeE shop which serves breakfast, Brunch and sweets. The story of how this all came to be, however, is quite captivating. 

The coffee shop is a project first undertaken by Jacob’s parents, Sarah and Sammy on a mission to make their son’s dream of opening a coffee shop become a reality. This coffee shop was founded in 2017 and has been set up for Jacob to run with the help of his family. 

Jacob was diagnosed with sinusitis when he was just fifteen years of age, back in 2013. Following almost a week of treatment, he suffered severe fits and was placed under intensive care fighting for his life. The results showed that the right side of his brain was infected with Meningoencephalitis. Following several complications, Jacob was given only 50 per-cent chance of survival. This was not the end of Jacob’s trauma, as he suffered two major haemorrhages, time at the ITU on two separate occasions and four life threatening brain surgeries. This had indeed left him with some serious side effects which include brain damage and partial paralysis.

The coffee shop enabled the once shy Jacob to interact more regularly with people which helped him grow from strength to strength .

Jacob’s Brew is not just a coffee shop. Families facing trauma can visit for support. Sarah says that she has been working around the clock to make sure that she could keep up with all the coffee shop’s customers. They also have a “Pay it Forward” concept. When a receipt is issued, it will contain a “Pay it Forward” stamp at the back which allows the customer to pass it on to somebody that they feel needs support. Once they visit the coffee shop, they will be given a free pot of coffee or tea and the support that they need through survivors Malta , which is an aNGO founded bny the Cachia Family.

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