The Irony of Culinary

In life we get to try out different food and beverage products. Some of the things, which many people tend to hate are those products which are stripped off one of their most important ingredients, making them bland and outright unexciting. In this article, we discuss some of the products which are made much less interesting, due to the way they have been processed.

Vegetarian burgers

I would bet that very few people would think veggies if they heard the word “burger”. When it comes to burgers, most minds would shift to juicy beef, patties, melted cheese, fried onions and a dash of ketchup. At most, we would accept chicken burgers, however they are less exciting. Vegetarian burgers, on the other hand, are on a whole new level of boring and unexciting. We will pass, thanks.

Non-sugar coke

Coke is one of the most favourite soft drinks out there. A lot has been said regarding the health detriments due to the excessive amounts of sugar. The different brands of coke have responded to such campaigns by releasing healthier non-sugar alternatives, in an attempt to attract different audience segments. In reality, when you compare a non-sugar coke to a normal one, it can be easily noted which is the most delicious. By my standards, non-sugar coke should definitely be left on the shelf.

Non-salted crisps

Everyone enjoys a bag of crisps, whilst watching television after a hard day’s work. Just imagine you are doing that, but the crisps are missing the salt. Totally different taste, no? 

De-caffeinated coffee

One of the most sensitive topics. Coffee! Just what is the point of consuming coffee with no caffeine? Isn’t that the main ingredient as to why people drink this beverage in the first place? Can you imagine after a tough night, you wake up in the morning for work and realise that you only have de-caffeinated coffee available to drink? Hell no!

Non-alcoholic beer/wine

Beer without alcohol. If the two can ever be put in the same sentence, let alone in the same can or bottle. Drinking beer without alcohol takes all the fun away doesn’t it? Then again, you could always try an experiment. Host a party with non-alcoholic beer and wine and see how many people pretend to get drunk.

Any more products like this to share with us? List them down in the comments section and let the debate commence.

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