How to Recover from a Breakup

A relationship which turns sour can be one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life. Considering that most people would go through a breakup at some point in their life, it is sometimes taken as a normal course of events, hence for granted. 

Relationships will bring out a variety of emotions, which may extend beyond logic and sometimes plain common sense. In certain cases, they may define us and have a large impact on our perception of self-worth. In a nutshell, some people might feel worthless and destroyed after a relationship ends. Even if it ended in a good way! When people break up they may be consumed with feelings of rejection and sadness. This is all the more so if the breakup was unexpected. Some people will remain affected for the long term where they feel insecure in the following relationships, never really getting over their trauma. It is important that one takes care of himself or herself after a breakup and in this article we discuss some of the tips to recover from one.


You will need to give yourself some time. You would need some breathing space to get it all out, especially if your emotions are intense. Privacy and some alone time are also important, considering that you may need to grieve away from prying eyes.

Seek support

You do not need to suffer the pain alone. Seek the company of your trusted family members and friends and express your feelings in a constructive way. In some cases however, more expert help is required and you may need to turn to a psychologist or therapist.

New hobbies

A new start will need fresh activities to help you rest your mind. Following a breakup, you should consider new hobbies which will give you an added sense of satisfaction, whilst relieving the pain. A new sport or exercise might do a world of wonders.

Meet new people

To complement your fresh start, it would be beneficial to meet new people and friends. This will allow you to gain some different perspectives and create new experiences.

Treat yourself

Make yourself feel better! You deserve it! Try a different style, such as a new haircut, a holiday! Anything which makes you feel better, go for it.

Set parameters

One of the worst ways to go through an emotional roller coaster is by getting back together and then breaking up again. Some people go through the cycle multiple times and experience the same heartbreak and pain repeatedly. In this respect, it is important to set boundaries where once decisions are taken, one does not go back.

Any other breakup tips you can give us?

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