Cockroaches Level Up

As summer approaches, we are in for the stuff of nightmares. Ever been walking in the dead of night to see one of those cursed cockroaches crawling fast next to your feet? Or else you are walking towards the bathroom in the middle of the night and you see one quickly pacing through the corridor. Things start getting messy when the critter sprouts its wings and starts flying all over the place, causing havoc and distress. That really is one hell of a trauma!

So let’s say you encounter one of these dreaded insects. Your first reaction would be one of aggression, where you either attempt to step on it and kill it or else a more sophisticated approach, using insecticides to terminate its existence. Do you know what makes for a good nightmare? Using insecticides and the cockroach still lives! Recent research indicates that these pesky creatures are becoming stronger and developing tolerances for such chemicals. Won’t be long before they rise up and exterminate us!

The research which took place in Purdue analysed German cockroaches when being exposed to different insecticides. The results are indeed shocking as the cockroaches were found to develop a resistance to the insecticides they were exposed to. Also of concern is the fact that they can pass on this resistance to their offspring. Yes, you guessed it, at this rate we could be looking at generations of invincible cockroaches.

This new study brings to the fore a new challenge, a scenario in which cockroaches become unkillable with just chemicals. This brings about several problems in controlling infestations.

The severity of this problem is due to the fact that cockroaches have shown to develop multi-immunity to different insecticides. This becomes problematic for exterminators who use a mixture of different insecticides. Some might kill and others might knock them out. If they develop different levels of immunity, these cocktails of insecticides become futile. Combine this with the fact that a single female cockroach can produce another three hundred cockroaches in such a short lifetime and you end up with some pretty discouraging math.

Can you imagine what the situation would be like in poor areas, where pest control is way inferior than what we are normally accustomed to?

In order to combat this problem, exterminators will need to think outside the box and consider physical methods such as traps and vacuums, whilst keeping strong sanitation levels.

Seems you will need to keep watch this summer!

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