6 Things which Destroy Families

In a modern day era where everything is easily available and we get to enjoy luxurious activities which previous generations would not dare dream of, we do indeed live in a better society. Or do we? Whilst we do benefit from numerous things in today’s lifestyle, family values have taken a hit. When compared to previous generations, one sees staggering amounts of marital and family breakdowns. In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons as to why separation and divorce cases are on the rise, heralding an end to the traditional family as we know it.

Hectic lifestyle

Today’s lifestyle is much busier than that of previous generations. Today we have both husband and wife working full-time and in some cases, both have other jobs on the side in a bid to keep up with their commitments. This hectic lifestyle allows less time to enjoy members of the family and invest properly in keeping an intimate relationship. In relationships where this may become too overwhelming for both husband and wife, marital breakdowns are likely to follow.


As time progresses, the world seems to become more materialistic. People are not judged solely on their values, but mostly on what they can bring to the table. When things are going well and money is accessible, it is more likely that there will be less problems. If however, the family has grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle and money is no longer available due to an unforeseen circumstance, this could put significant pressure, leading to a marital breakdown.


Whilst work is indeed important in maintaining family stability, as it provides the necessary financing, overworking might create a different form of stress. Partners who feel abandoned by their better half due to the fact that he is always working tend to build distance and will grow less tolerant to being left to fend on their own.


Considering that both males and females can have worthwhile careers in today’s day and age, it may transpire that both would try their best to be the superior breadwinner, competing against each other, leading to a scenario which culminates in egocentricity and regular fights.

Lack of communication

Today’s busy schedules leave very little time for communication. This is also due to the fact that we are constantly hooked to our devices, giving one to one communication less and less importance. The lack of communications builds walls which sometimes become impossible to overcome.

The new normal

Mentalities have changed and it has become normal to leave your husband or wife. We are now living in a society which is driven by constant change. Some people would prefer changing their better half instead of investing the time to fix things.

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