5 Things we will Remember about Dr Joseph Muscat

Dr Joseph Muscat’s name will be etched in the history books. He has reached the political legendary status to that of Dom Mintoff and Eddie Fenech Adami. Being the man who picked up the pieces and steered the Labour party into the course of electoral success, Joseph Muscat has indeed won the hearts of many and will be remembered for his contributions. Now that it seems that Joseph Muscat’s time as Leader of the Labour party is nearing an end, we will be discussing some of the things he will be remembered for.

Reductions of utility bills

The PN administration led by Dr Lawrence Gonzi was heavily criticised over utility bills, which were constantly in the limelight due to the financial strain being put on Maltese families. When Joseph Muscat was the Leader of opposition, his battle cry to win the general election was a significant guaranteed reduction in utility bills, which was a game changer in him becoming Prime Minister. 

Re-branding of the Labour party

One of Joseph Muscat’s masterstrokes was transitioning the Labour party from a losing to a winning streak, making it cool to vote for the socialists. He turned Labour into an electable party, which has won a large amount of votes, building an insurmountable lead. Three leaders have faced him and all have failed so far. This includes Lawrence Gonzi, Simon Busuttil and now Adrian Delia. He will be remembered as the leader who took on various opponents and still came out on top convincingly.

Successive landslide wins

Before Joseph Muscat, we had grown accustomed to having a political party which would decline in popularity during its second legislature in government. With Joseph Muscat, not only did Labour maintain its popularity, but also improved upon it, gaining a bigger lead over the Nationalist party.

Passport Scheme

This was a controversial move and will most definitely remain synonymous with Joseph Muscat and his party. The sale of Maltese passports was received differently by various segments of the population. Some said it was selling Malta’s soul, whilst others said it makes for good business. Fast forward a few years later and Malta has indeed attracted some wealthy individuals who are beneficial for the economy. The programme is set up in a way to ensure that those buying the passport, hence Maltese citizenship, will need to invest significant amounts of money for property and other investments. Some might argue that this scheme was one of the main contributors for the rapidly escalating property prices.

Legendary mass meetings

Joseph Muscat’s public speaking skills are out of this world. In his mass meetings, he wows audiences and manages to convince most of his viewers and attendants about his vision for the country. No doubt, the way he transmits the message is key for his success.

Roads restructuring

No Matter how much turmoil, comments and negative propaganda from the nationalist party, The countless kilometres of road works which have, and still are ongoing, are a big part of the process towards massive improvement. One cannot deny a heavy increase in traffic, and the more we look at the future, packed with an influx of foreigners who are coming to Malta for better conditions, this exercise may be never ending. 

More work, more money

We all are aware that such an increase in the economy, will at one point reach its peak, and we are to face a downfall in the coming years. However one cannot deny the reality, that the economy in Malta has exploded under the command of Dr. Muscat and is team.

Any other things we will remember about Joseph Muscat? Let us know in the comments section.

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