5 Things Waiting Staff Would Know

Irrespective of which career you plan to opt for, a stint as a waiter has plenty of benefits. Most parents today would want their teenage kids to immediately start working in offices so that they can get a feel of what awaits them in the future. Whilst this may indeed be reasonable, missing out on a working experience in the catering industry leaves a void. 

First off, in today’s society where everyone is accustomed to getting everything whenever they want, a good working experience where you get your hands dirty and serve is more valuable than ever. Working as a waiter allows you to understand appropriate table set-up, such as how plates and cutlery should be set. This will indeed be helpful if you are hosting guests, sometime in the future, and you want to make an impression. Simple details such as how you place the forks, knives and napkins to how you polish the wine glass will set you apart as a host of quality. In this article, we will discuss some of the main benefits of working in restaurants.

The value of teamwork

Working in the catering industry will require no small amount of teamwork. It works pretty much like a chain where different members of staff are engaged for various activities and if one man struggles, the whole team does. Earning the respect of your team members will help to have your back covered when you need some help.

Eye for detail

Working in a restaurant will make you aware of the smallest of things. This could range from small stains to mistakes in table-set up. Following a bit of experience, you will start noticing these little details which are essential in maintaining a high-quality environment. Such a skill will prove useful later on in life.

Positive attitude

When you are constantly interacting with customers, a positive attitude goes a long way. You simply cannot afford to appear grumpy or negative when you are serving guests. This builds a certain discipline where one learns to separate work related affairs from personal ones. Plus that, some smiling is more likely to earn you better tips!


Having worked from the bottom up will allow one to appreciate different jobs, irrespective of hierarchy, developing an invaluable understanding that everyone is an important contributor. It also develops character!


Experience in the catering industry will allow you to develop efficiency, benefitting you in your day-to-day life. This is all the more true for today’s hectic lifestyle where time to organise yourself, cook dinner and clean up is very tight.

Have you ever worked as a waiter? Do you have any other benefits to share in the comments section?

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